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January 2009 - A lot has happened since we made Funk and the Abstract Truth. Bush, Cheney and their party, with help from the other guys, have destroyed America and now we must begin to put it back together. Who says your vote does not make a difference? We need to remember that we are all in this together. We will rise or fall together so we need to give the new guys a chance to see what they can do. And if they don't you know what to do.

We are back in the studio working on a new album - more about that soon. We have included our original entry about our song "Blood For Oil" you can hear the complete version by clicking the link. - keep funkin - TPW

blood for oil cover

Blood for Oil - complete version

First , thank you for every cyber click that got you here. welcome! Blood for Oil is one artist impassioned plea for all Americans to rethink the ideal of war.

A civilized society can no longer afford to sacrifice it's children in exchange for a folded flag , a zeroxed copied acknowledgement of their existence from our Commander and Chief , and a free burial. All for the extremist security of the rich and greedy.

Somehow this mental madness has come to symbolize a lame version of a patriotic gesture. Nationalism is a playground for fools,that eventually leads to the destruction of all man kind.

Every time I,scream,"I AM", I am also saying someone else is not. The greatest patriots I have ever known had sweeping concerns, and great compassion for the welfare of ALL HUMANITY.

It was in this spirit that the song Blood For Oil was born. I hope you like it. If you do,tell everybody in the cyber universe.

Thanx , Peace , & Love


P.S. My total support goes out to all the soldiers (American & Iraquian) who have had to bare the burden of the elitist greed through war. May the Creator bless you with a speedy and safe return.

Blood For Oil , taken from the CD by TOE-KNEE, Funk and the Abstract Truth. Stay tuned Y'all !

This track was written during the the run up to our little adventure in the middle east. It has now been five years of Blood, our brave service men and women's blood, that has been sacrificed for oil and ideology by men who should have known better.
Bring them home now.

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